Porokhnia Victor
* Membership of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1999.

* Associate Member of International Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, 1997-present.

* Director, Treatment and Diagnostics Centre, Institute of Human Self-Regulation, Moscow, 1994.

* Reflexotherapist and Instructor in Extrasensorism and Guided Self-Regulation, "Akasha" Medical Company, Sidney, Australia, 1991-1992.

* Bioenergytherapeutist, "DJUNA" Research and Training Centre of Traditional Treatment Methods, Moscow, 1991.

* Psychotherapeutist, 22nd Psychoneurologic clinic, Moscow, 1988-1991.

* Reflexotherapeutist, 201st out-patient clinic, Moscow, 1986.

* Orthopedist, 82nd Child out-patient clinic, Moscow, 1982.

* Traumatologist, 26th out-patient clinic, Moscow, 1976-1982.

* Being equipped with electronic methods of diagnostics which unlike clinical methods reveal not only organic but also functional disorders in the body pays main attention to the Disease Prevention;

* In the process of treatment special attention is paid to the redressing the psychological balance since many ailments result from psychological disorders;

* Treats some cases by a Bioenergy Treatment by the Method of Djuna;

* People's health greatly depends on the food they consume and on how they do it. For this reason I recommend my patients Cambridge Food for Life as it is an excellently - balanced product;

* Applies Electric Puncture in some cases;

* Main Healing Treatment is by Method of Reflexotherapy;

* Treats patients with Massage and Manual Therapy when necessary;

* Begins treatment of a patient by Using Methods of Computerized, Pulse and Bioenergy Diagnostics.

* Thorough PC knowledge (user and programmer);

* English;

* Driverís license from 1980.

* Honour Professor of European University, 2002.

* Laureate of Silver Medal named after William Conrad Rontgen from European Academy of Natural Sciences, 2002.

* Laureate of Silver Medal named after Paul Ehrlich from German Union Researchers of Nature and Society, 2002.

* Laureate of Silver Medal named after academician I.P. Pavlov from Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "for Contribution to development of Medicine and Health Service", 2002.

* Author of Computer Program on registration of specialists in the traditional methods of treatment, 1997.

* Co-Author of "Fortuna 3.3" Computer Program on registration of people's insurance in foreign companies, 1995.

* Co-Author of "Smalta" Computer Program on Medical Astrology, 1993.

* Author of "Santa" Computer Program on Determination of Women Biorhythms to prevent abortions, tell gender of expected child and treat certain forms of infertility, 1987.

* Author of "Health 5.3" Computer Program for WINDOWS on Medical Diagnostics covering 12 methods, 1986-2000.

* Author of Article "Change of Blood Flow During Preserved Kidney Transplantation in Experiment", 2nd All-Union Students Scientific Conference, Moscow, 1970.

* Training in Programming in Basic, Clipper, C++, Access, 1986-1996.

* Special Training in Classic Acupuncture with Basics of Energy Pulse Diagnostics, Moscow, 1994.

* Training in a Guided Psychophysiological Self-Regulation, "HOMO FUTURUS" Centre of Human Self-Regulation, Makhachkala, 1991.

* Advanced Training with a Chinese Medicine Doctor in Reflexotherapy, Moscow, 1990.

* Training in Bioenergetics Therapy, "DJUNA" Research and Training Centre of Traditional Treatment Methods, Moscow, 1989.

* Training in Medical Astrology, Moscow, 1983-1985.

* Special training in Child Orthopedy, Moscow Child Orthopedic Centre, Moscow, 1982.

* Advanced Training in Reflexotherapy, Massage and Manual Therapy, Department of Reflexotherapy, Moscow Institute of Advanced Medical Training, Moscow, 1982.

* BS in Medicine, Surgical Faculty, 1st Medical Institute, Moscow, 1967-1973.

* Honor graduate, Faculty of Laboratory and Medical Attendants, Medical School, Moscow, 1964-1967.

* Member, All-Russian Association of Physicians in Guided Self-Regulation;

* Member, All-Russian Association of Acupuncture end Traditional Medicine;

* Member, International Association of Medical Acupuncture (ICMART);

* Permanent participant of various exhibitions of computer programs;

* Member, Aiki-Club.

* Born June 25, 1948 / Resident of Moscow / Excellent Health / Non-Smoker / Married with 2 children / Hobbies: Old Books in Reflexotherapy; Books in Bioenergetics and Astrology; Music; Violin Maker of Bow Musical Instruments; Sport.