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Smoking is an acquired reflex. This reflex is somehow "imprinted" in a certain part of the human brain which is called "smoker's centre". The only way to destroy this reflex is acupuncture.

During treatment it is obligatory to use both gold and silver needles so as to form the difference of electric potentials in different points of the external ear since the golden needles inserted into a body form a potential 6.5 times as much as silver needles.

This difference of the electric potentials lets the doctor to "delete" so to speak the "smoker's reflex" in the smoker's brain. The smoker becomes absolutely indifferent to smoking as if he has never smoked before.
If there is no potential on the points of the external ear, the treatment will be uselless, it will only have phychotherapeutical effect.

Since every person's body has its own level of electric potential, everybody requires their own individual potential on the points of the external ear. Other potentials have no effect on this person.
So if stainless steel needles only are used treatment is not always a success because there is no difference of potentials. The same is true if electropuncture is applied since the potential created by an instrument is the same for all patients.

Application of gold and silver needles breaks and completely destroys the smoker's reflex after one precedure with 20% of the patients, and after 3 procedures with the rest of the patients.
The 4th and the 5th procedures consolidate the result. A complete course consists of 5 procedures and the resulting effect approaches 90%.

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