(automatized method of calculating, processing and interpreting a woman's cycles)
Vladimir Borovikovsky - "The Portrait of M.Lopoukhina"
In today's world, with its abundance of stress-inducing situations, the growing number of women in the workforce and its deteriorating ecological conditions, the importance of preventing pregnancy complications, miscarriage and birth defects can hardly be exaggerated.

The goals of this program are the maintenance of family well-being and the regulation of fertility. The "regularity" on which the program is based allows couples to determine the sex of their future child and can help prevent unwanted pregnancies. The program can help spare women the use of potentially-dangerous contraceptives such as the pill and intrauterine devices, and thus can also minimize the number of abortions performed for reasons other than medical emergency. Finally, the program is aimed at reducing pregnancy complications, miscarriages, and birth defects.

This method is based on the fact that every woman has two cycles: the biological cycle connected with menstruation and the Moon cycle, also known as "red days". While ovulating, a woman has a 15% chance of getting pregnant, while on a "red day" - an 85% chance. This has been confirmed in cases where conception occurs during the menstrual cycle when this coincides with a "red day". If the "red day" falls during ovulation, a healthy woman becomes pregnant in 100% of cases. The majority of calculations show that many women, ostensibly suffering from endocrine or immune infertility, are actually healthy, but cannot conceive because their "red days" coincide with menstruation, a time where intercourse is least likely to result in conception. The probability of pregnancy significantly increases when these cycles do not coincide, which occurs only a few times a year.

Although based on Moon cycles, the program contains input data derived from several foreign works on human physiology, which aid in the determination of child sex prior to conception and increase the accuracy of the prognosis.

The program calculates for a year: days of sterility; future child sex before conception; days of possible conception in cases of infertility; days of conception that will result in a pregnancy without miscarriage and in the birth of a healthy child.

This method has been in use since 1960. Tens of thousands of women have been observed, placing its validity at around 98.5%.

To work with the program, information about the time and place of a woman's birth is first put into the computer. After one of the four diagnostic procedures is selected, the display immediately shows the result, which may then be printed or stored in archive form.

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