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Everybody knows that any illness is preceded by first unseen changes in the body. These compensated functional disorders come entirely unnoticed by patient. And only when compensatory capabilities of the body are exhausted, the compensation stage of these disorders turns into decompensation stage and one could feel first symptoms of illness, though till then one felt himself perfectly healthy.

Only from then on patients start consulting doctors. And sometimes it is too late, the illness passed to its irrevocable form. Thus consulting your doctor as early as at the stage of compensated disorders in your body is more useful and healthier than at the stage of organic changes.

But the point is that almost none of clinical methods of diagnostics can detect functional disorders. In the European medicine there are only few methods of functional diagnostics and even they could reveal only the so-called top allowed limits of different functional disorders in the body.

Among methods able to reveal the emerging functional disorders in the body are methods of computerized electronic diagnostics by acupuncture points in human body. Condition of acupuncture points (rate of biochemical reactions in them, electric resistance, temperature etc.) depends on condition of respective organs and systems of the body and serves as indicator of their condition.

A package of diagnostic programs allowing 92-per-cent-accuracy early diagnostics of functional and organic disorders in the body is created.

As famous Chinese physicians wrote way back in 500 B.C. in their enlightening treatise "Nai Tsin": "Wise man waits not till people fall sick to start treating them. The perfect doctor steps in even before the illness has appeared. Because main direction in medicine is disease prevention".

Present program package for IBM-compatible PCs is designed for use of twenty different methods of diagnostics because separately none of them would give complete picture of someone’s health.

These are such methods of diagnostics as: method of Nakatani, Bratu and Voll, electroauriculodiagnostics, psychologically test, pulse diagnostics, diagnostics of secondary energy systems, Su Jok diagnostics.

Diagnostics Result

This program can:
  * save all data on patients in archive;

  * move freely in archive with name and phone number search option;

  * keep daily entries in case history of patient under observation;

  * allow automated entry of standard information (diagnosis, profession, treatment etc.);

  * keep daily register of patient’s visits with option of entering the list of current affairs etc.;

  * show the point under study in figure during entry of measurements and give its location;

  * interpret various disorders in the form of list of symptoms during output of examination results;

  * give list of acupuncture points necessary to treat the patient by several treatment methods based on examination results;

  * analyze and correct the treatment method using reference material on reflexotherapy;

  * compare on screen several examination results obtained earlier;

  * allow visual identification of most evident disorders by changing the scale of sensitivity in examination diagrams;

  * provide automated entry of diagnoses from examination results into patient’s;

  * include for the first time in history of computerized diagnostics the method of pulse diagnostics, as well as the method enabling examination of not only primary energy systems which comprises of 12 main meridians but also the secondary energy system, comprising of several dozens of meridians (skin-protective, muscle-protective, closing-connective, inner-protective, hereditary-controlling, energy-accumulating channels) and also take into account activity biorhythms of body systems to increase accuracy of examination results;

  * provide a comprehensive reference guide of tables and figures at any stage of examination;

  * give list of all acupuncture points in the reference guide that could be identified on respective figures of human body and their descriptions;

  * give access to Microsoft Word for Windows for prompt preparation of various patient report forms (extracts, epicreases, journals, forms etc.);

  * print patient card, case history and examination results etc.

  * look through the methods of treatment of various diseases based on Ancient Chinese sources;

  * estimate the "opened" acupuncture points for urrent day and hour of examining in order to use them for strengthening the effects of treatment.


Program of computerized electronic diagnostics revealing functional disorders in the body allows the use of radically new method of medical care - PROPHYLACTIC OBSERVATION of practically healthy people to prevent or delay disease.

There is a CERTIFICATE, a RECOMMENDATION and a PATENT on this programm.

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