It is common knowledge that before any disease manifests itself some original hidden changes occur in the body. These are compensated functional disorders which may exist for a shorter or a longer period before the onset of an illness.

These disorders are quite imperceptible as the body copes with them thanks to its compensatory resources. And only when these resources are depleted or the harmful agents are too strong and compensation turns into decompensation the person in question starts feeling the first symptoms of a disease though before that this person had absolutely no doubts about being healthy.

So this is when patients turn to doctors for the first time. But sometimes it is too late as the disease became irreversible. That is why it is much better to consult a doctor before the changes in the body become organic.

But the problem is that there exists no clinical method of diagnostics registering functional disorders. European medicine possesses only a few methods of functional diagnostics which reveal not all compensated disorders but only the so-called upper limits of the normal state of different body functions (see the scheme showing the development of a disease from the level of a complete balance to the level of organic disorders).

Chart of Disease Progress

But before there appeared these "disorders at the level of the upper limits of the normal state" some finer functional disorders occurred and they passed unnoticed. Nowadays in non-traditional medicine there exist several methods which allow to diagnose functional disorders in the body just as they only start to arise. One of them is the method of Electronical Computer Diagnostics by acupuncture points in the human body. The fact is that on human skin there are certain acupuncture points which are connected to certain body organs or systems through the system of meridians. The state of these points (the rate of biochemical reactions, resistance of electric current, their temperature etc.) depends on the state of the body’s organs and systems. This dependence makes it possible to evaluate the state of the body’s system and organs judging from the state of certain acupuncture points.

Nowadays there exist a number of foreign methods of electronical diagnostics and there were created several computer programmes authorized by the Third Chief Administration at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and by the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. These programmes make it possible to detect quickly and with up to 92% accuracy early manifestations of functional and organic disorders in the body. This allows to considerably diminish the danger of the existing and appearing diseases and sometimes to get rid of them before they appear.

It is better with the help of adequate diagnostics to detect and to prevent a disease on the latent stage than to treat it on the stage of the organic disorders. In the first case the treatment will consist of 3 - 5 sessions and in the second case it might require several courses 10 - 15 sessions each. And the results in the latter case might be dubious. Everybody knows that teeth should be cleaned every day and not only when they begin to ache. The same is true about the preventive treatment of the whole body but this idea belongs to the medicine of the past and of the future, at present times not everyone can grasp this concept. As far back as 500 BC famous Chinese doctors wrote in one of their treatises: "The wise man does not wait till people fall ill in order to start treating them. He directs them, quides them while their health is still good, making them follow Dao principle; that is how he keeps them in a perfect state. He does not seek to eliminate the disorders, he seeks to keep the original good order. The perfect doctor starts working before the disease manifests itself". Because the main direction of medicine is disease prevention.

And this is our main occupation: 4 times a year we summon our patients and they undergo computer diag-nostics, 3 - 5 prevention sessions and after that the computer diagnostics is repeated and the results of the treatment are analyzed. Now we take care of your health.

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