Vittore Carpaccio - "Musician"
I have a diploma of the Secondary Musical School and I completed 2 years of studies at the Music Academy named after the Gnesins (violin).

Since 1972 I have been making bow stringed instruments. My teacher is Boris Gorshkov. I worked as violin master at the Moscow factory of musical instruments and at the All-Union Shop of artistic handicrafts named after Voochetitch.

I made 53 violins and 5 violas. I received awards at International Competitions of violin-makers in Poland (1981) and Italy (1982).

I participated with the violin "Geordano" in the first exhibition "Music and Fine Arts" which was held in the House of Artists in Moscow (1981).

I am a member of the Master Instrument Makers and Restorers Creative Guild of the Russian Federation where I am a member of the Union Board.