All vital function and acts of their control are based on bioenergy.

When people are born into this world they maintain close contact with Nature which sates tem with energy. Later on certain stages of their lives people either lose these bonds with Nature or distort them. So energy becomes wasted, its flow gets broken and the ability to recreate and distribute its reserves in a human body purposefully also gets broken or distorted.

Different concepts of bioenergy coincide and cover all the diversity of manifestation of reserve abilities of human beings in their inseparable unity and interaction with the Universe.

There exists a notion that the Universe is a whole spatial-temporal system all elements of which are connected to each other and to the whole. So any change in one element entails changes in other elements and in the whole system (the Law of Universal Correlation and Mutual Dependence of Material World Phenomena). In Universe there exists a Unified Energy Field (UEF).

People being elements of the universal system are potentially capable of producing directed power shifts in any part of the Universe with the help of their inborn ability to reflect the world in the information way.

A special feature of all living beings, no matter on what stage of development they are, is their ability to extract and digest continuously and actively the energy o the UEF of the Universe. They also possess the ability to include energy of the food origin into their vital cycles metabolisms.

A human-being consumes energy ("prana") by a number of energy centres ("chakras") located along a special channel. Energy of different levels is consumed from air, water and food. Human body is also capable of absorbing radio waves.

Thus the UEF of the Universe is the source of bioenergy, which makes it possible to consider bioenergy as an element o UEF energy. Operators whose abilities and resources correspond to their stage of development can mobilize and use bioenergy.

People also have their own bioenergy fields (BPF) which present an aggregate of physical fields of biological origin.

Circulation and consumption of the energy depends on the vital functions activity rhythms but at the same time coordinates with the rhythms of the Universe, for example the activity periods of the meridians consist of 2 parts and determine differences in responses of organs and the body.

Differences in quality of bioenergy which circulates in a body is explained by the fact that the body absorbs energies of different levels from the UEF of the Universe, that energy is distributed to the meridians selectively with the help of the appropriate "chacras", that during vital functioning certain constituent parts of energy are utilized and "slug" products toxic for the body are formed.

Energy stagnation in meridians results in local imbalance of metabolism, functions and organism structure.

During research of the Moon phenomenon (and Moon affects the Earth strongest) the physicists formulated the term "physical fields of biological objects". But people are not only "biological objects", they are particles of the Universe and completely reflect everything which takes place around them and accordingly takes in and reacts to all that happens in the space.

But it is not enough to consider the biological field as a physical formation. Scientist suppose that biological field is an information - carrier and that people can transmit information through biological field mentally directly to this or that object.

Soviet scientists Gourvitch and Kaxnaceyev discovered the existence of energy fields around all live organisms. In the composition of these fields they found almost all known types of energy.

This is an aggregate of an electric field (frequency below 10 Hz), infra-red radiation (8-14 microns) and ultra high-frequency radiation (18-330 cm). Other kinds of radiation such as radio-thermal, optical, acoustic and the so-called "chemical field" are also present. And some not yet discovered types of energy may be present too. During treatment operators produce flows o radiation (for example thermal) with their hands and the intensity of the flow grows until it exceeds the threshold of the patient's skin sensitivity. The operators move their hands along patient' bodies and thus a kind of a contactless massage is done. Russian physicists Goulyayev and Godik proved the existence of a non-specific sensor channel (apart from sight and hearing) trough which it is possible both to get physiological information and to produce remote effect.

Oriental Medicine considers all these phenomena as information - physical unified field of the world. Therefore everything that there is in space there is in our bodies. So when we say that we connect biofield and information to the Unified Energy Field we speak about transmission of complex energy from one object to another.

According to a simplified notion adopted in the Orient ad in China there exist energy positive (male energy) and energy negative (female energy). The same energies exist in human bodies too. So human body according t these teachings is a stem in which the 2 types of energy are in the processes of continuous struggle and balancing. Such methods of treatment as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, etc are based on this equalization of energy.

According to Chinese scientists there are about 3000 biologically active points in human body. But in general practice only 200-500 most important points are used.

The basis of contactless bio-effect is the ability of one person to exercise influence over another person's body without touching it.

Do all of us possess this ability? Long-term experience and also concepts explained above give the answer "Yes"! All of us do! But qualitatively the effects will be different depending on many factors as well as qualities of a person both inborn and acquired.

From our own practice of teaching over 3000 the basics of contactless bioeffect we can say that practically all people are able to master methods of prevention and apply methods of treating patients.

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