Man is a spiritual being and the state of his health depends on the state of his psyche. And the latter depends on the person's reactions to these or those external influences, which in their turn depend on the extent to which the person's spirit has developed.

̉he events which happen to people again depend on the nature of the reactions of these people. These events provoke certain ideas which in their turn stir up the corresponding emotions.

̉he amount of biological energy which a person spends depends on this person's emotions: we spend less energy when the emotions are positive and more if they are negative. But if there is a disbalance of biological energy different parts and organs of the body suffer.

So the evident conclusion is that our diseases are determined by the level of our spiritual development.
There exists a concept according to which all the processes of spiritual and physical changes take place in the co-called subtle bodies of man.

̉he Buddhial Body reflects the level of spiritual development of a person. It contains the person's system of perception of both of the world and of himself, the system of habits, his character, his aspirations, his priorities and values. The real events of the person's external life, his actions and distinct inner emotions are contained in the Causal Body. The Mental Body contains mind and intellect. The Astral Body is responsible for the emotional sphere of the person: love, hatred, sensuality and any other emotions overwhelming the person are indicators of the Astral Body activity.
̉he Ethereal Body is responsible for the least refined energies which are normalized (or upset) by food, sexual relations or contacts with elements. The state of the Ethereal Body determines the person's vitality and immunity.
̉he Physical Body is an adequate device of existence in the physical environment. The Atmanic Body which is the shell of supreme Ego, of the Atman or Absolute in the human-being crowns it all. This is the main source of higher energy and inspiration of the body, the origin of the Fate. The person's mission, or the main goal of the body in this very life which determines (within the limits of both subtle and real surroundings) main plots recorded in the Buddhial Body is enciphered in the Atmanic Body. The Atmanic Body is also responsible for higher ideals and fundamental religious and abstract-philosophical convictions of a person and his own highly personal way of contacting the God, his very unique attitude to life and the way of perception of the Universe.

A doctor skilfully working with subtle bodies can improve the state of the physical body sometimes without medicine.

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