Horoscope - "SMALTA"

Front Page Horoscop-Smalta system has a great possibilities that allowes:

  * to calculate ephemerides of planets, of main asteroides, apogei, perigei and of Moon nodes

  * to calculate the ephemerides of ascendent, zenit, nadir and houses couspides by 8 domification system

  * to verify planets aspects by classic system and Podwodny's system

  * to calculate planets midpoints, arabian parts and stars

  * to display single or paired diagramm with inner and synastry aspects

  * to display ephemerid table with placing of planets in natal and synastry houses, with aspects created by planets

  * to build directive and progressive cards (forward and backward in time)

  * to find time of exact aspect (or aspects combination)

  * to show astrological movie (to dysplay diagramms with time shift in automatical regime)

  * to show planets forces dynamics in time in 3d-picture

  * to outcome horoscope deciphering by texts of well known astrologists (A.Podwodny, D.Rudhiar, F.Sakoyan, L.Gudman et al) for Sun, ascendent and other active points of horoscope

  * to outcome chronologically all aspects, planets standing and entrance into signs or houses

  * to work with database of clients and towns

  * to change colours, coordinates and sizes of diagramms, tables and titles

  * to prepare datafile of clients in form convenient for work in SuperCalc or databases

  * to create batch files containing set of keyboard pressings, with possibility of automatical work of programm

  * to create high quality diagramm in printer

Natal Chart with Transits

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