European medicine has traditionally been treating those people who are sick. This is explained by the fact that the European doctors mostly treat diseases.

Since the main principle of reflex therapy is disease prevention the reflex therapists are to examine and supervise those who are still well.

Nobody questions the necessity to clean teeth every day though they do not ache yet. We all take care of our teeth before they start troubling us and that is clear to all.

But what is not quite clear to all is why people who are not yet sick should visit a reflex therapist.

The point is that unlike clinical methods of diagnostics the reflex diagnostics makes it possible to detect not only organic disorders but functional changes as well. Thus it would be reasonable to check one's body at least four times a year in order to reveal functional changes and to eliminate them, because functional changes later cause organic disorders and there is not effect without a cause.

If functional changes are regularly eliminated by the method of reflex therapy organic diseases either manifest themselves in much milder forms or are prevented for a long time.

The main trend of the XXI century medicine is disease prevention which makes it possible to live longer and fall ill less often.

Such is the principle upon which our complex diagnostics programme "Health 5.3" is based.

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