"Health 5.3" Programme:
Special Point and Merits as Compared with Other Programmes

Efficiency of acupunctural treatment as well as treatment method selection depend largerly on two factors: first on the energy amount in the meridians (excess or deficiency) and second on the energy state in them (that is stagnation or circulation). "Hearth 5.3" programme for the first time in the history of medical computer diagnostics takes into consideration the latter.

In some Russian books on reflexotherapy based on Ancient Chinese manuals one can read that in case of energy deficiency or excess in a meridian a tonic and a sedative points should be pressed respectively and after that in order to boost the effect the source-point may also be pressed. This interpretation shows that the translator from the Chinese did not possess complete understanding of the energy circulation mechanism in reflex therapy and so the inadequate translation misleads practitioners. The source-point should be pressed not to boost the effect produced by the main points activisation, but in case of stagnant energy in a meridian this point should be activated first in order to transform energy from its stagnant state into the circulating state. After that either tonic or sedative point is pressed which increases or decreases the amount of energy in a meridian. This explains why patients experience some exacerbation during the second or the third treatment procedure: by that time a meridian overfilled with energy gets still more overfilled while energy is being transformed from the state of stagnation into the energy conductivity restores and sharply decreases the excess energy, as a result the patient feels better.

"Health 5.3" Programme comprises twelve diagnostics methods since none of them separately allows to examine all the one hundred and fifty one systems of the body. To treat a patient successfully, the doctor must be able to find out all the disorders, functional ones among them, otherwise treatment becomes less effective, as a result the patient gets disappointed with such treatment and reflex therapy itself gets discredited. So the patient turns to the traditional medicine which can only offer treatment of organic disorders while the root of the disease remains intact. Complex methods of diagnostics let obtain data not only on the main meridians but also on a larger number of secondary meridians where disorders appear much earlier and which are intended to prevent the affection of the main meridians.

This programme allows to detect any departures from the norm before patients (start feeling any discomfort) experience any symptoms of a disease and so it becomes possible to reveal hidden disorders in the secondary energy systems and to eliminate them thus preventing diseases or turning their development into a milder course.

Remember: Prevention is the best cure another basic point in acupuncture is following the due technologies of treatment. But hardly any practitioner ever follows this rule.

None of would ever dream of first cutting the umbilical cord of a newly-born child and only them tying it. Also all doctors know that one and the same drug made by different manufacturers in different countries (though having the same chemical formulal) produce different effects on patients. This happens because technologies differ. The same is true of reflex therapy: if doctors do not follow certain procedures in certain orders while treating patients the efficiency of treatment drops substantially though the points activated in each case are the same.

To ensure higher reliability of diagnostics seasonal activity of meridians is taken into consideration during processing examination data.

There are many computer programs on medical diagnostics but for the first time in the description of the topography of acupunctural point we describe not only those belonging to the system of the main meridians but those of the secondary energy system. And that is an invaluable assistance in choosing methods of treating the latter.

It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance of the above given data for some obscure reason very few doctors pay attention to it.

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